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Gordon Lam

About Gordon

Dr. Gordon Lam hails from Torrance, CA, where he has practiced since 2001 in a multi-disciplinary outpatient setting. He attended chiropractic school in Los Angeles.

Dr. Lam’s family background is firmly rooted in healthcare, where the foundation for his passion to help others began. His father was a general MD, his mother and sister are nurses. One of Dr. Lam’s goals is to show patients how to maintain health and well being.

He employs a multi-disciplinary and multi-specialty approach to treating patients, combining various chiropractic techniques, modalities and exercise rehabilitation. He is certified in Activator and Cox Flexion-Distraction (both gentle non-force) techniques, as well as soft tissue Graston technique and functional (aka ‘kinesio’ style, or therapeutic) taping. He also has a passion to teach patients gentle exercise rehab to regain and restore motion.

Dr. Lam enjoys sharing time with his immediate family, and with his friends whom he considers part of his extended family. He is an avid hockey fan, a student of foreign languages and enjoys the various ‘R’s of life: rock ‘n roll music, rehab exercise, radiology and all things retro.

Medical Interests Areas of Interest:

Non-Force Chiropractic Care

 Exercise rehabilitation

 Functional taping