Quality Initiative Award

Quality Initiative Award

The Quality Initiative Award is to promote teamwork between departments and to recognize those who go above and beyond.

December 2019 Quality Initiative Award: HR

Congratulations to HUMAN RESOURCES for winning the Traveling Quality Initiative Trophy! Dietary awarded HR this trophy because of all the help with Open Enrollment, hosting a great benefits fair, and always helping with a positive attitude. HR interacts with all departments and we appreciate their efforts and patience with us. They will be awarding the next department in February. Great job HR!

October 2019 Quality Initiative Award: Dietary

Congratulations to the DIETARY TEAM for winning the Traveling Quality Initiative Trophy! IT awarded Dietary this trophy because of all of their hard work, and positive attitudes. Dietary impacts so many departments and we all appreciate their efforts and kindness. They will be keeping an eye out for the department they will pass the trophy to in December. The purpose of this award is to promote teamwork between departments, and to recognize those who go above and beyond. Great job Dietary!

August 2019 Quality Initiative Award: Information Systems (IS)

Maintenance was the last department to receive this award from Lab, and now Maintenance would like the Information Systems (IS) department to be awarded.

I.S continues to keep our computers running, the phone lines working, and our Wi-Fi strong. I.S. plays a role in everyone’s work day and Maintenance appreciates all their help. Great job I.S. this is a much deserved award!

Quality Initiative Award August Information Systems

June 2019 Quality Initiative Award: Maintenance

Lab awarded Maintenance with the traveling Quality Initiative trophy during the Quality Council meeting on June 11th. Lab wanted to recognize this department because Maintenance keeps the facility safe and equipment running. Great job Maintenance!

June 2019 Quality Initiative Award: Maintenance

April 2019 Quality Initiative Award: Lab

Patient Access has awarded the Lab with the Quality Initiative Trophy! Patient Access want to recognize Lab for their knowledge and confidence in their work, efforts to improve patient flow, helpful staff, great department collaboration, and their professionalism and respectfulness. We want to continue to recognize and appreciate departments for the excellence in teamwork and collaboration.

April 2019 Quality Initiative Award Lab

March 2019 Quality Initiative Award: Patient Access

The RRH Quality Council would like to recognize Patient Access for all of their hard work and efforts toward promoting excellent performance.

This department has gone above and beyond to improve their Patient Satisfaction Scores, work on new processes, and help collaborate with other departments. The Quality Department is very excited to award Patient Access with the Quality Initiative Award.

March 2019 Quality Initiative Award Patient Access