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RRH Building Update

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RRH Building Update

It has come to our attention that there are some questions and concerns regarding the RRH Tower Building and its ability to withstand the recent quakes. So we thought it best if you hear directly from our CEO, Jim Suver. Here's what he had to say on the matter...

"RRH has had several engineers look at the tower building. Overall, the building did what it was it supposed to do during an earthquake to protect the structure, that is, the walls swayed and the roof/floor bounced. The tower building is structurally sound. Since the building absorbed the violence of the shakes, drywall seams popped all over the facility. Because of the nature of the hospital sterile environment, and our concern about infection prevention, these seams all need to be redone prior to putting the building back in service.

The major damage that happened to the building was water damage. Although the building was flexible, it appears the water pipes were rigid and snapped throughout the building causing damage. We are repairing the water damage and looking for moisture inside of the walls. All domestic water has been shut off to the second floor. We feel we need to have some engineering to the piping system, to ensure more flexibility in the event of an earthquake, before totally re-opening the Tower. I have raised this with the state and they have sent their seismic engineers down to learn more about building design."

We hope that this provides some much sought after answers and we encourage you to reach out to us directly with any concerns via our Contact Us and Contact the CEO forms at