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Just Talking

Just Talking

Not everyone requires mental health therapy. Most people have a good support team which can include family, friends and health coping skills that can assist them during difficult times. However as a therapist, I learned that most people do not like to burden their loved ones with their problems. Those people seek no help when they are having difficult times and struggle to cope in other areas causing increased stressors. Instead of managing these stressors alone, going to a therapist may be of a help.

Therapy is talking. It's simply giving your burden to a trained professional who wants to help you manage your emotions during your difficult times. The difficult times can be anything that is difficult to you. Therapy doesn’t have to be life long. Sometimes a person only requires one or two visits. Sometimes you might need to come in for booster sessions during difficult times as needed. In Ridgecrest, we have many trained therapist with different personalities and skill sets that can help and assist you different methods. Newer therapy methods are being established with text therapy and live phone sessions, instead of a in-person session. I found people to have positive outcomes from those methods.

I personally enjoy watching people have a wave of relief over them after talking through their problems out loud. The positives of therapy include: complete confidentiality, unbiased opinions, and sharing your burden to another person, who will always want to help you seek freedom from your emotional distress.

Article written by Maria Holm, LCSW, Rural Health Clinic