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We Care Wednesday:Donna Mullis, Rural Health Clinic

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We Care Wednesday:Donna Mullis, Rural Health Clinic

⭐ #1⭐ #2Congratulations to Donna Mullis from Rural Health Clinic for being recognized for #WeCareWednesday! The Rural Health Clinic wanted to recognize Donna Mullis. Donna works in Primary Care, but also helps in our Spine Clinic, Mobile Health Unit, Specialties, and any other clinic that is needing help.In Primary Care, she is always there to help fill in, provide support of any kind, and countless other things. She is always a ray of sunshine even on the darkest days! She brings little gifts to lighten the mood and uplift spirits, she always helps decorate someone's desk or door if it is their birthday, and we know that if anything arises she will be there to help find a solution the best she can even if it is as overwhelming as rescheduling a full schedule for two weeks or as small as making sure all the printers are stocked with paper.She is a fantastic nurse, mother, co-worker, wife, and friend. Thank you Donna!⭐⭐