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Preschool Nutrition

Preschool Nutrition

Ridgecrest Regional Hospital’s Community Outreach Director, Tera Moorehead, brought a sampling of some delicious fruits and vegetables to the Little Rec’ers preschool classes at Kerr McGee.

The focus was on how fruits and vegetables are good for our body and that there are so many different ones out there to try. After playing some games focused on fruits and vegetables the children were encouraged to try kiwi, pomegranate seeds and butternut squash. “The winners were the kiwi and pomegranate seeds but many kids also loved the butternut squash.”

“Parents often struggle with meal times and having their children eat fruits and vegetables. Through these presentations, our hope is to encourage kids to try new foods they may not have tried and to let them know there are so many different fruits and vegetables out there that will help them be healthy and are yummy.”

Here are some tips to help encourage healthy and fun meal times1:

  1. Have your child be involved. For example, let them pick out what fruits and vegetables they have for the week.

  2. Throughout the week, give them choices from what they chose. For example ask them which vegetable they want with dinner that night.

  3. Have them help you prepare the food. Starting as young as 2 years old, your child can help wash the food, can help add simple ingredients and eventually can help with more detailed tasks.

  4. Make it fun! Turn dinner time into a cooking show and let them help be the chef.

  5. Be patient. Especially if you are trying to introduce new foods. Offer new foods multiple times as it can take children several tries to accept a new food.

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