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RRH and Sierra Sands Collaborate to Bring Smoking and Vaping Prevention Education to James Monroe Middle School

RRH and Sierra Sands Collaborate to Bring Smoking and Vaping Prevention Education to James Monroe Middle School

The RRH Cancer Center and Community Outreach just completed a 4 week educational series on smoking and vaping prevention in Mrs. Herbert’s classes at Monroe Middle School.

The RRH Cancer Center wanted to focus on prevention and outreach for smoking and vaping, especially since vaping among youth is on the rise. In fact from 2017 to 2018 there was a 48% increase of middle schoolers who had smoked an e-cigarette in the past 30 days and a 78% increase for high schoolers.1

The focus of the class was to help educate students on the facts of smoking and vaping. Activities helped students identify the health hazards of cigarettes and e-cigarettes, practice ways to resist pressure to use cigarettes and e-cigarettes, demonstration of second hand smoke and discussing what addiction is.

For instance, the class discussed what nicotine is, how addictive it is, how it can affect the brain and that it is found in both cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

The class also discussed the flavors that are added to many e-cigarettes and how those flavors could be harmful but also could be enticing to younger people.

“We gave the latest information on vaping and held open discussion with the students. Many were unaware of the chemicals involved in vaping and how they affect the body. We encouraged them to make the right choices, and how to say no to peers and others who may pressure them into trying vaping” said Vicki Rios, R.N. at RRH Cancer Center. Laura Herbert, Science teacher found that “Students were shocked when they discovered how the health of teenagers is currently being impacted by vaping. The program truly seemed to resonate with students who have friends or family who vape”.

“The hope would be to expand the program to other schools and reach more youth and we are grateful to Sierra Sands and James Monroe for working so closely with us. Mrs. Herbert was an integral part of all of this and her students were great to work with” said RRH Community Outreach Director, Tera Moorehead.

For more information youth can go to to learn more about the harmful effects of vaping.

Parents or adults interested in learning more can go to


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