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RRH COVID-19 Vaccination Update (2.10.21):

RRH COVID-19 Vaccination Update (2.10.21):

Kern County has received 1,000 Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines, with 300 doses being allocated to Ridgecrest Regional Hospital (RRH).

The RRH vaccination team are now working diligently to call and schedule patients from our existing waitlist for a drive-thru vaccination clinic tomorrow, Thursday February 11.

Whilst this is positive news and a step in the right direction, we are urging those on the waitlist to continue to be patient. This current allocation will only cover a small handful of patients from the existing waitlist and we will need to continue to await further vaccine delivery in order to schedule more patients.

If you have left a message on the RRH Covid-19 vaccine line, please continue to be ready to receive our call and ensure voicemail boxes are set up and not full. Our outbound calls to you will display as (760) 446-3551.

We encourage the community to continue following updates from local pharmacies, who are also due to receive more vaccine soon, which has been verified by Walmart and Walgreens locally. As much as we hope to be able to serve our patients, we would much rather have peace of mind knowing they are protected from this virus and would strongly encourage those eligible to seek vaccine appointments, wherever it becomes available to them. Click here for the Kern County Covid-19 Vaccination locations site, which will be updated as vaccines become available at each location:

If you have not yet called, and would like to be added to the RRH waitlist for a vaccine appointment, please call or text (833) 216-6663, leave a message with your details and you will be added to the list. An RRH representative will only contact you to schedule an appointment once we have vaccine available for you. Please be advised we have a considerable number of patients already in line, until vaccine supply improves.

Kern County is currently vaccinating eligible individuals from the county vaccine schedule including those 65 and older. For the full schedule please visit:

For the latest RRH Covid-19 Vaccination updates, please visit: WWW.RRH.ORG/COVID19VACCINE.