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RRH Patient Shares a Moving Message About Vaccinations

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RRH Patient Shares a Moving Message About Vaccinations

A moving message about vaccinations from an RRH Patient, local family man, proprietor, long-time school board trustee and community volunteer —
Bill Farris:

"When I read about the Governor’s declaration regarding vaccination being available for those 65 and older I began to consider whether I would take advantage of the opportunity. I do not normally do flu shots so I thought maybe I would pass. Then I began to reflect on our community’s strategy to deal with the pandemic. We are restricting the activities, opportunities and experiences of virtually everyone to protect the health and safety of the vulnerable. It seems that most of our young and healthy would survive infection, yet they are bearing the weight of lockdown to protect us. Why would I not do my part to expedite the process so our young and healthy can regain the lives they deserve? We often discuss how many different ways we have mortgaged our children’s future or saddled the next generation with the cost of our lack of care. This should not be one of those times. This should not be about me. I challenge all over 65 to act quickly, take the vaccine with the calculated risk so that we can relieve our young and healthy from the restrictions they have accepted to protect us.”

Bill had been waiting patiently in line for his appointment to receive his first vaccine dose, which became available to him on last week when RRH received an additional allocation of vaccine.