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We Care Wednesday: Angel Sorenson

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We Care Wednesday: Angel Sorenson

⭐️⭐️Congratulations Angel Sorenson for being recognized for WCW⭐️⭐️

Our RRH Surgery Department wanted to recognize Angel Sorenson, RN for We Care Wednesday! Angel is a prime example of an outstanding nurse in our Surgery Department. She is dedicated and a team player. She always has a positive attitude and she is an excellent mentor. She is always willing to help out where she can. She is a hard worker in everything she does. She is an exceptional leader that always follows the rules and makes sure policy and procedure is always followed. She is the glue in our department that doesn't get enough credit for her outstanding abilities as a circulator and an RN.

Our surgery department gets a lot travelers in the department and Angel is always teaching and training others throughout the year. She always goes above and beyond her tasks and duties and with a positive attitude. Our surgery department and the hospital appreciates Angel for all her hard work!