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RRH Covid-19 Advisory & Response: Vaccination Update, Eligibility & Appointments (3.22.21)

RRH Covid-19 Advisory & Response: Vaccination Update, Eligibility & Appointments (3.22.21)

As eligibility phases advance, Ridgecrest Regional Hospital (RRH) will now be utilizing the California Vaccine Administration system MyTurn, in lieu of keeping a waitlist, as part of the hospital’s new contract with BlueShield. Using MyTurn, patients can check eligibility and schedule vaccination appointments.

A key feature of the MyTurn system is the ability for patients to be screened. The latest phase to become open for vaccination includes those aged 16-64 with certain severe health conditions, however this tier is very specific and may require clinical judgement to determine appropriateness for vaccination. Patients with questions regarding their eligibility for this phase should first use the MyTurn screening tool and then consult with their primary care provider if they have further questions.

The Kern County Vaccine Eligibility Schedule now includes the following phases as “Vaccinating Now”:

1a) Healthcare workers and Long-term care facility residents

1b) Individuals 65 years and older, Education, Emergency services and Food and agriculture

1c) Persons 16-64 with severe health conditions, persons with developmental or other severe disabilities, Persons who live or work in congregate residential settings and Persons who work in public transit

Further details on each phase can be found on the Kern County Public Health website at:

RRH is asking that patients visit and register to see if they are eligible. Once eligible, patients will be able to schedule their vaccine appointment, whether that is with RRH or a local pharmacy, who are also vaccinating.

There are currently three vaccines available to people in eligible phases of the vaccine schedule, Pfizer BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen. All three vaccines have been authorized by the FDA for emergency use. All three of the vaccines have been proven highly effective against Covid-19 and RRH is encouraging everyone to receive the vaccine that becomes available to them as soon as possible.

For eligibility, screening and appointments, visit

For questions regarding your medical condition and whether to get the vaccine, contact your primary care provider.