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Vaccine Myths vs Facts with RRH Doctors

Vaccine Myths vs Facts with RRH Doctors

COVID-19 vaccines are: necessary safe✔️ #1✔️ #2

We are pleased to see the increasing number of residents in our community who are choosing to protect themselves from COVID-19 by getting the vaccine.

In an effort to support our patients and community members who have expressed concerns about the vaccine, RRH physicians have worked together to address some common misconceptions in a series of videos.

Join Rural Health Family Medicine provider, Hani Chaabo, MD, as he discusses getting the vaccine even after you had COVID-19.

Join Rural Health Pediatrics Clinic provider, Luigi Cendana, DO as he debunks the myth that the COVID-19 vaccine gives you COVID-19.

Join Rural Health Clinic Internal Medicine provider, Lawrence Cosner Jr., MD, explains why safety was not sacrificed for speed during COVID-19 vaccine development.

Join RRH Pediatric Medical Director and Pediatric Hospitalist Jennifer Prince, DO as she explains why the COVID-19 Vaccine does not alter your DNA.

Join RRH Medical Director, Emergency Medicine, Stephanie Crapo, MD as she discusses the concerns about having a child after getting the COVID-19 vaccine.