COVID-19 UPDATE: Save our Emergency Department for truly emergent medical crises

As the unprecedented surge of COVID positives in Ridgecrest, and across the state, continues, Ridgecrest Regional Hospital CEO Jim Suver reminded residents to save our Emergency Department for truly emergent medical crises.

“We learned on Tuesday that California recorded 1 million positive cases for COVID in the last week. That is about 14 percent of all cases our state has recorded in the last two years,” said Suver.

"Like everyone in our region, we are experiencing an unprecedented surge in cases — which has not only increased the demand on health care services in our isolated region, but has also compromised the staff that live and work here.”

For individuals experiencing symptoms for heart attack, stroke, serious injury or other medical issues that require immediate attention, Suver assured residents that the

Emergency Department remains open for service.

For lower-risk medical issues, including mild cases of COVID and other illnesses, he suggested patients seek attention at Urgent Care or by calling their primary care providers. “We hope that our partnership with Trinity Safety Company to provide free COVID tests, which started Wednesday, helps alleviate some of the frustration of people who have had a difficult time finding testing. “I appreciate those in the community who continue to take precautions, and who have extended patients and grace to our hard-working staff.”