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Daisy Awards Winner- Jessica Gaussoin, RN Maternal Child

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Daisy Awards Winner- Jessica Gaussoin, RN Maternal Child

Congratulations to our second Daisy Award winner, Jessica Gaussoin, RN from Maternal Child. She was nominated by a patient of hers, who she took great care of and wanted to show her appreciation for Jessica. Below you will see why Jessica was chosen for the Daisy Awards. 🌼 #1🌼 #2⭐ #1⭐ #2

“The morning of Thursday Oct. 28, I was scheduled for a cesarean delivery at 09:00 AM. I was a nervous wreck, quite frankly, and so was Bo, my partner. We got checked in just fine, and we were taken to room 116B at first to prep and get set up for surgery. My nurse was Jessica, and she was probably the greatest thing about my entire stay. She helped calm my nerves, she made me feel validated with all of my personal wishes with the birth, as well as my decision with breast feeding, which initially was to opt out, but the information you and her both provided to me, and the absolute respect Jessica gave me with my decision at first, was so amazing, and I ended up choosing to try colostrum feeding once my daughter was born, and I have kept up on breast feeding ever since, and I'm very grateful that I did. During my recovery, Jessica was very vigilant over me, tending to me so well, helping set up my shower, bringing me and Bo tons of goodies to eat between meal times, and she was my nurse on Saturday Oct 30 as well. She helped soothe my baby during paperwork processes, and was incredibly helpful during the car seat inspection. Overall, she was very wonderful and I genuinely could not have been more happy with her as my nurse both at the very start of the delivery process, as well as the discharging process. She was by far the best part of my hospital stay."
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