Deborah Magnuson,PNP

About your RRH Provider
  • Pediatrics

Deborah Magnuson is a Certified Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (C-PNP, PC) at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital Rural Health Clinic. Deborah specializes in pediatrics from birth to adulthood transition. Deborah is skilled in many office procedures from laceration repair to foreign body removals. Deborah attended Northern Michigan University in Marquette Michigan, where she earned her degree in Speech Communication. She then went to St. Catherine University, in St. Paul, Minnesota where she earned her ASN in 1998. Deborah worked in many fields of nursing until she decided to advance her degree to BSN and then in 2014, obtained her MSN at St. Catherine University. Since then, she has worked in a children's ER, remote Alaska, and is now settling into Ridgecrest. During her free time, Deborah enjoys being outdoors with her husband and dogs either fishing, hiking, or boating. When she’s not outside, you can find Deborah knitting, sewing, or reading a book.