Lorie Ochoa

About your RRH Provider

Lorie Ochoa, RN, CLC, IBCLC, graduated from Bakersfield College in 1986 and was hired into Obstetrics at Victor Valley Hospital where she began her nursing career.  After having her first baby, she worked as a registry nurse at Victor Valley, as well as St. Mary's Hospital in Apple Valley.    

Lorie moved to Ridgecrest in 1991 and had two more babies at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital. She kept her RN license current in the hope of someday getting back into nursing.  In 1998 she was hired by Sage Medical Clinic to teach childbirth classes, after becoming a BABE instructor (certified birth and beginnings educator), until she was hired to work for Ridgecrest Regional Hospital as a nurse educator in April of 2002. 

In September 2007 Lorie became a CLC (Certified Lactation Counselor) and in 2011 became an IBCLC® (International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant®).  She has had the privilege of preparing families for childbirth, what to expect at RRH and how to take care of their newborns as well as working with them after delivery on the maternal child unit with breast feeding concerns. Lorie believes she has the best job here at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital and feels lucky to have had the opportunity to care for the hospital's community families over the last 25 years.