Melanie Willis,MD

About Melanie

Dr. Melanie Willis graduated from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. Osteopathy is additional training on top of regular medical school which encompasses a holistic "whole patient" approach. Dr. Willis enjoys hiking, staying active with her dog and traveling when she can with her husband. She has two adult children. Originally trained in Phoenix Arizona at Phoenix General Hospital and Good Samaritan Phoenix Children's. Intern of the year at PGH. (but that was like 1986!!)

Established large family practice in Waukesha WI as the owner of Southside Medical Clinic but then after my kids were born wanted a less stressful lifestyle so my husband and I moved to SW CO where we built our own log home and established medical care for logging communities in Nicaragua, and did rural clinic/mission trips to South Africa. I've done mostly locums the last 10 years including work with Veterans all over SW US and Worker's Comp throughout southern CA. I was also the featured teacher/speaker at high schools all over the SW over many years for Alive at 25 (teen drivers program) and for Not My Kid in Phoenix AZ