Financial Assistance Program Policy

Financial Assistance Policy

In keeping with the philosophy and mission of Ridgecrest Regional Hospital (“RRH”), it is the policy of RRH to offer financial assistance, using the lookback method, to patients who are unable to pay their hospital bills due to difficult financial situations. An RRH Financial Counselor or Business Office Representative will review individual cases and make a determination of financial assistance that may be offered prior to, during, or after services are provided.

Upon verifying eligibility for financial assistance, RRH shall offer hospital inpatients and outpatients Charity Care (i.e., free care) or Discounted Care in accordance with this policy and other applicable policies for Medically Necessary Services.

Financial Assistance Policy

Financial Assistance Application

Financial Assistance Plain Language Summary

Financial Assistance Plain Language Summary& Application - Spanish

For more information please contact our representative at (760) 499-3010.

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