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Patient & Family Advisory Council

What is PFAC?

The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is a group of strongly motivated patients, family members and other caregivers, as well as staff, who share their perspectives and give insight on how to improve patient care at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital. Both member and staff advisors work together to improve safety, quality, and patient experience. The RRH PFAC is composed of 12 members including patients, patient’s family, caregivers, and staff members.

Why is it important?

The PFAC is an avenue where staff, patients, family and members of the community can gather and discuss suggestions or new ideas. This is a safe environment for all, and group participation is valued and appreciated.

What is our mission?

The Mission of the PFAC is to create positive changes in our local healthcare by supporting an environment where patients and family members feel safe, respected, and empowered to be partners in their care.

How can I become involved?

For additional information about the Patient and Family Advisory Council, or to inquire about becoming an adviser, please send an email to or phone (760) 499-3118.

Patient and Family Advisory Council Application

PFAC Roles and Responsibilities