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Team Spirit During Distance Learning by Janine Arbelaez, Psy. D, LMFT

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Team Spirit During Distance Learning by Janine Arbelaez, Psy. D, LMFT

The Ridgecrest community, is undeniably navigating unprecedented uncertain times. Today, I am wondering about distance learning in the Ridgecrest community and was thinking about our school age children and teenagers, who have been thrown into navigating school from from their bedroom and kitchen table. They are not immune to this global pandemic crisis of distance learning.

As challenging as it may be, the distance learning structure shows that emotional support and connection in the home, between the adult and children is necessary more than ever. School children and teens are social beings who grow, thrive, and find purpose through meaningful connections. Parents can partner up with them to ensure their mental growth and development.

This new platform structure, distance learning, can impact the mental and physical well being. Stress, anxiety, isolation, fatigue are symptoms related to the pandemic and distance learning. Both parents and children are forced to confront those triggers daily and manage them with support.

As the cheerleaders for our children, here are helpful tips to keep in mind to bridge the gaps during the distance learning. The important thing is for parents to understand that these symptoms signs or alarms that signal help! It is essential to understand these physical and mental symptoms events with compassion and empathy as as a way to provide the help needed for them to thrive. Sleep, exercise, structure and healthy nutritional habits are key factors in facilitating this transitional new way of living some call a “new normal”. A new normal for their new normal. And, as nurturers, it is crucial we mindfully practice these healthy habits to stay strong, safe and healthy for our family. That is the essence of self care.

~ Janine Arbelaez, Psy. D, LMFT

Janine Arbelaez, Psy. D, LMFT