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Ridgecrest Hospital Services

Hospitalists are board-certified physicians and Nurse Practitioners who exclusively work inside the hospital. They will serve as your primary care providing during your time in the hospital and will help coordinate your care with any medical specialists that can aid in your treatment. While at RRH, you may be cared for by one or more hospitalists. If your care is transferred to another hospitalist due to a rotation in the schedule, the new hospitalist will be given a complete update on your status and should be as informed on your care as the hospitalist you worked with before.

What Does a Hospitalist Do?

Hospitalists perform many tasks for patients within the hospital. Because their entire job takes place in the hospital, they are extremely familiar with the various departments, staff, and specialists in RRH. A hospitalist will always be on staff to answer any of your questions or concerns during your stay.

While in the hospital, your hospitalist will:

  • Keep contact with your regular care provider so they can stay updated on your condition
  • Address any emergencies or changes in your condition
  • Order tests and schedule meetings with medical specialists on your behalf
  • Transfer your care to another department when appropriate
  • Start preparing you for discharge
  • Provide prescriptions for any medications you need
  • Answer your questions as well as questions from your family

Our hospitalists will get your primary care physician’s contact information from the forms you filled in before your admission. Your regular primary care physician can visit you and assist in your care as well, but because doctors typically have busy schedules and are not as familiar with the hospital’s operations, your day-to-day care will be in good hands with the hospitalist. If you do not have a primary care provider, we can provide you with a referral to one in the local area upon your discharge.

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