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Comprehensive Treatment for Bone & Muscle Aches & Pains

Pain in the bones, muscles, and joints is difficult for anyone to deal with. Being unable to see what’s causing the pain can make it feel more frustrating, but the skilled orthopedists at RRH are here to help. We offer comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for all types of musculoskeletal problems. This includes aches and pains in the bones, muscles, joints, tendons, connective tissues, and more.

Common conditions treated by orthopedists include:

  • Bone fractures
  • Shoulder pain
  • Back pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Hip pain
  • Arthritis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Runner’s knee

Orthopedic Surgery

You and your orthopedist should always explore the least invasive treatment options when dealing with musculoskeletal problems. Our orthopedists provide surgical services as well, but we only recommend these for patients when they have severe conditions that have not responded to more conservative treatments.

The following are some of the surgical procedures we offer:

  • Joint replacement
  • Hip replacement consult
  • Knee surgery
  • Arthritis surgery
  • Spinal surgery consult
  • ACL Ligament reconstruction
  • Hand surgery

Our team will walk you through every stage of the surgical process and make sure you are prepared for what’s to come. We encourage you to speak up and ask any questions you may have. Learning more about a surgical procedure can make the thought of it less intimidating.

Sports Medicine

In addition to standard orthopedic services, we also offer sports medicine care. If you sustained an injury working out, training, or playing sports, our sports medicine physicians can provide you with comprehensive and efficient care. Having provided treatment for many different athletes, our team is familiar with various types of sports-related injuries. We know some of the most effective treatments that can help you recover quickly. Our team can also instruct on ways to ease back into your regular routine without putting too much strain on your recovering injury.


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