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Medical Insurance and Billing Information FAQ

Our goal is to make the health insurance and medical billing process as clear as possible. But we realize you may still have some questions and we’re here to address them.

  • Questions About Medical Bills
  • Questions About Health Insurance
  • Phone Numbers for the billing department
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Cost I would suggest calling the clinic you are going to get the vaccine.

Questions About Medical Bills

Can I view and pay my medical bill online?

Medical bills can be paid online but cannot be viewed. Payments can be made through our secure online site

If you need help accessing Follow My Health, please contact customer service at 1-888-670-9775

Bill statements are sent by mail. To get a copy of your bill, please call 760-499-3189 and listen to prompts carefully.

Can I pay my bill over the phone?

Yes, you can pay your medical bills by phone by calling (760) 499-3009

Can I pay my bill by mail?

Yes, you will receive a billing statement by mail, with a return envelope to mail in your payment.

How to get copies of my RRH billing statements?

Call the billing department at 760-499-3189 and listen carefully to the prompts. An itemized bill can be sent to you upon request.

Does my hospital bill include doctor's fees?

Our billing statements are issued for single visits. Whenever you are provided care at the Hospital or at the clinic, an individual visit number is issued for that particular date of service, and a billing statement is issued for that visit only.

Sometimes, the doctors' bills are issued separately from the hospital bill and you might receive them on different days. For questions about your statement,

Contact: 760-499-3189 Monday to Friday between 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

What if I can't pay in full or need financial assistance?

We understand your situation. To keep your account from becoming delinquent, please speak with our representative to arrange a payment plan.

Contact: 760-499-3010 Monday to Friday between 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
You may get more information or apply for the financial assistance program.

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Questions About Health Insurance

What if I don't have health insurance?

If you don't have a health insurance plan coverage, or choose not to use the one you currently have, you can pay for the cost of your care directly.

You may also qualify for our financial assistance program.
People with low or moderate incomes may qualify for Medi-Cal or a subsidized health plan through Covered California.

Does RRH have its own HMO insurance plan?

No. We do not offer our own HMO insurance. Learn more about the health insurance plans we accept.

Which types of health insurance does RRH accept?

We work with a variety of health insurance plans to ensure that you have access to quality care that is close to home. In addition to Government health insurance (Medicare and Medi-Cal), Ridgecrest Regional Hospital accepts a variety PPO, the Medi-Cal Managed Care, and Medicare.

Learn more about the health insurance plans we accept.

Before scheduling your care at RRH, we advise you to double-check your coverage by either contacting your health insurance company or your benefits coordinator at work (if applicable).

Does RRH accept Medi-Cal insurance?

Yes, RRH accepts government health insurance programs - Medicare and Medi-Cal.

What happens if my insurance denies the claim?

In such cases, you should receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) or a denial notification from your health insurance plan. And RRH will mail you a statement advising you how much you owe.

What are referrals and authorizations?

A referral is an order from your Primary Care Provider (PCP) to see a specialist or receive medical services from some providers. Your PCP generally helps make the decision about whether a specialist service is necessary for your treatment.
Authorization (Sometimes called prior authorization, prior approval, or precertification) is the process of getting approval from the health insurance plan before you get a medical service or fill a prescription.

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Phone Numbers for the Billing Department

For questions about your medical bills:

Contact: 760-499-3189 Monday to Friday between 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

For questions about the health insurance plan we accept, visit health insurance plans we accept. For questions related to your personal benefit plan, please contact your health insurance company.

Contact: 760-499-3189 Monday to Friday between 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Like other California hospitals, we send separate bills for hospital services and physician services.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Cost

How much does the COVID-19 vaccine cost?

The COVID-19 vaccine is free. In case you have an insurance plan, your insurance provider may be charged for the vaccine administration, but there will be no out-of-pocket cost for you. If you don't have insurance, there is no cost.

For additional questions about the vaccine, visit the COVID-19 Pages: