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Price Transparency

We want to help you make informed decisions about your care by providing access to various price transparency resource. In addition to the links provided below, feel free to call one of our financial counselors at (760) 499-3189 to obtain an estimate or for assistance with your bill. We also recommend you contact your insurance company for the most accurate estimate of your out-of-pocket costs.

The “Estimate My Cost” link below will take you to a list of “Shoppable Services”. By using this tool, you agree that you understand that this is merely an estimate and that actual costs may vary.

Estimate My Cost Tool

The hospital is required to post the below “Price Transparency Pricing List” in accordance with CMS regulations. However, most patients with insurance, as well as cash paying patients, and patients eligible for financial assistance, do not pay the charges contained in this file. Also, changes may occur after the publication date that affect the charges, rates, network discounts, or other data elements. There are many factors that vary by payer and pricing methodology and specific services received, including unexpected or additional services. The payer-specific pricing in this file does not incorporate such variables. Pricing does not include charges for all physician services or other professional services that may be rendered. Please call us for assistance in understanding your costs. Because the file is intended to be read by machines for further processing, the file is not intended to be user-friendly. Please use the “Estimate My Cost Tool” for user-friendly pricing information on “Shoppable Services”.

Price Transparency Pricing List

The complete charge master list below is a file that will automatically download onto your computer when you click on it. The charge master list of prices is not intended to serve as an estimation of the costs you will be required to pay. The charges do not include patient-specific insurance deductibles or copayments, potential self-pay, or financial assistance discounts and therefore are not a reflection of patient responsibility; also, charges may change after the publication date.

Download Charge Master

Note: Not all services listed in the above files may be currently available. Many factors impact the final charges billed for the services you receive. Variables include the length of time spent in the hospital, specific equipment used, supplies and medications required, additional tests ordered, or any special care that may be required during the course of the service.

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