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Leadership & Board of Directors

James Suver – CEO/President

Dennis Cruise – Chief Financial Officer

Susan Reynolds, MD, PhD – Chief Medical Officer

Celia Mills, MSN – Interim Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Whalley – Clinic Administrator (Rural Health Clinic & Ambulatory IT) and Administrator of Revenue Cycle

Brenda Diel, MSN, RN – Quality Administrator

Wendy Bates – Human Resources Director

Christian Salviejo, MHA, LNHA – SNF Administrator

Erin Cocciolone – EMS Director of Operations, RN EMPT-P

Kyle Garrett – Assistant Administrator, Support Services

Tamara Khalifeh – Executive Assistant to the CEO

Daphne Unhassobiscay - Director Rural Health SSMC Clinic

Charles Pietrangelo - Director of Business Development

Board of Directors

  • Bud Haslam
    Christopher Ellis CHAIR
  • Dana Lyons
    Dana Lyons VICE CHAIR
  • Shrooq Abu-Issa
    Shrooq Abu-Issa SECRETARY
  • Margi Hannon
    Margi Hannon TREASURER

Board Members

  • Christopher Ellis
    Bud Haslam
  • FirstName LastName photo
    Lawrence Cosner
  • Jim Rizzardini
    Jim Rizzardini
  • Paige Sorbo-Netzer
    Paige Sorbo-Netzer
  • Marti Hoppus
    Martha Hoppus
  • Rita Read
    Rita Read
  • Judy Tharp
    Judy Tharp