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Billing & Insurance

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Health Insurance: Coverage Options

We work with a variety of health insurance plans to ensure that you have access to quality care that is close to home. In addition to Government health insurance (Medicare and Medi-Cal), Ridgecrest Regional Hospital accepts a variety PPO, the Medi-Cal Managed Care, and Medicare.

Before scheduling your care at RRH, we advise you to double-check your coverage by either contacting your health insurance company or your benefits coordinator at work (if applicable).

  • The list of health care plans below may change.
  • If you don’t follow the terms of your health insurance plan, the insurance company may not cover your cost of care. For example, you might be required to request an authorization before receiving care. If you don’t, the health insurance may not cover your expenses.
  • Emergency services are excluded and do not require prior authorization. Our emergency department accepts all patients regardless of their insurance plans or ability to pay.

List Of Health Insurance Plans We Accept
How Health Insurance Works
Differences between PPO & HMO Insurances

For inquiries about health insurance plans, email or call (760) 499-3750

Medical Bills

Our goal is to make sure that your medical bills are accurate and clear, but we do recognize that things might be confusing at times. Given that some of our doctors are not employed by RRH directly, we must send separate bills for hospital services and physician services. This is common among hospitals in California, and we’re available to answer your questions.

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Good to Know

Health insurance plans have potential out-of-pocket expenses that should be paid by the patient.

See what an invoice from RRH looks like, and get more information from these sections:

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