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Psychiatric Services Over the Phone

At RRH, we offer psychiatric support through telepsychiatry services. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, or a mental health crisis, our compassionate team of mental health professionals are here to help. We know that it can be hard to make yourself get out of the house to go to an appointment when you’re feeling anxious or depressed. The telepsychiatry service allows you to receive counseling when you need it from the comfort of your own home. Many patients feel more confident after their first call and eventually move on to in-office appointments.

Telepsychiatry can also be beneficial for patients who do not live near the mental health center and would have a hard time making regular, on-site visits. Click here for more information about our psychiatric services.

Call (760) 499-3863 to schedule a telepsychiatry appointment with one of our professionals.

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