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Jagdeep S. Garewal, MD

About Jagdeep

Dr. Garewal graduated from Residency in 1997 from University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS, and has been in Practice since 1997. His Medical Degree was from Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, India. He has been Board-Certified in Psychiatry. He has experience in Private Practice, Outpatient County Mental Health, In-Patient Psychiatry, and Tele-medicine (since 2003), correctional medicine and ECT. He has held a faculty position as Assistant Clinical Professor at University of Kansas Medical Center. He has been active in the Administrative Psychiatry and has been the Past President of Kern County Chapter of Central California Psychiatric Society (CCPS), as Chair of the Membership committee of CCPS, and as a Chief Resident in Psychiatry in Residency Program.

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