11th Annual Butterfly Release Virtual

About This Event

On Saturday, May 8th, at 11am Ridgecrest Regional Hospice Services, in partnership with RRH Foundation, will host its 11th annual commemorative live butterfly release. This year’s event will again be a virtual production. The butterfly release is a beautiful way
to reflect on the happy memories of our loved ones who have passed and to celebrate the present.

Watch on Facebook @RRHFoundation and @RidgecrestRegionalHospital

Registration fee is $20.00 per person
to be honored or remembered

For additional information, please contact Hospice at (760) 499-3617

You may also find information on our website at rrh.org/butterflyrelease

Contact Kim Metcalf at (760)499-3955 or
by email at Kimberly.metcalf@rrh.org

Registration forms may also be picked up at the Butterfly Boutique 253 North Balsam Ridgecrest CA 93555

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  • Registration Information:
    Please contact the Foundation at (760)499-3955 or by email at Kimberly.metcalf@rrh.org