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RRH COVID-19 Numbers Update & Response (12.8.20)

RRH COVID-19 Numbers Update & Response (12.8.20)

*** Due to the current local surge, we will be once again posting numbers daily, Mon-Fri both here on Facebook and on our dedicated Covid-19 site page at RRH.ORG/COVID19. ***

In response to subsequent questions regarding RRH ICU census, RRH President/CEO Jim Suver has commented:

“During the winter season ICU’s historically become full with patients suffering from respiratory problems and the flu. Unfortunately the present covid surge adds additional patients to the ICU census, as was feared and communicated to the public months ago. Hospitals – as in the past – have had to maximize resources during periods of high demand and this present covid surge will be managed. What the hospitals need is for our residents to continue to adhere to the recommended precautions against covid. RRH has additional ICU beds available if needed at this time and ICU census is constantly fluctuating as patients get well."

We are adding additional information to this numbers update for reference, regarding county ICU levels, as reported by the state.

RRH Numbers 🟦 #1🟦 #2

RRH COVID-19 NUMBERS UPDATE (12.8.20): numbers reported by Ridgecrest Regional Hospital on coronavirus or COVID-19 cases are as follows:

  • Positives* Detected from RRH Tests: 349 (16 new since our last update on 12/7)➡️ #1
  • Number of Pending RRH Tests: 248➡️ #2
  • Total Number of RRH Tests: 6,027➡️ #3
  • Total Number of Free RRH Community Tests: 2,394➡️ #4
  • Positives from RRH Tests by Residency are as follows:
  • Positives from Residents in Our Community**: 314 (16 new)➡️ #5
  • Positives from Out of Town Residents: 35 (0 new)➡️ #6

Positives from RRH Tests in our Community - Residency Breakdown:

  • Ridgecrest: 271 (13 new)➡️ #7
  • Inyokern: 13 (0 new)➡️ #8
  • Trona: 22 (2 new)➡️ #9

Other in our Service Area: 8 (1 new)➡️ #10

* Positives detected are for individual patients.

** Our communities include: Ridgecrest, Inyokern, Trona and other communities in our service area.

This is preliminary data and is subject to change.

For the latest information and updates from RRH visit:

Kern County Public Health Numbers 🟩 #1🟩 #2

COVID-19 NUMBERS UPDATE (12.8.20): numbers reported by Kern County Public Health Department on coronavirus or COVID-19 cases are as follows:

  • Positives Detected in Kern County Residents: 46,397➡️ #11
  • Deaths Among Kern Residents: 457➡️ #12
  • Negative Tests: 234,313➡️ #13
  • Pending Tests: 760➡️ #14
  • Number of Total Tests: 281,470➡️ #15

Kern County Public Health COVID-19 Cases by Status:

  • Recovered Residents: 18,825➡️ #16
  • Presumed Recovered: 12,943➡️ #17
  • Isolated at Home: 14,036➡️ #18
  • Isolated at Hospital: 136➡️ #19

For the full numbers/data from Kern County Public Health visit

COVID-19 NUMBERS Dashboard:

Kern County Public Health Confirmed COVID-19 Cases by Zip Code:

93555 (Ridgecrest)➡️ #20

  • Total Cases: 315 (48 new since last update on 12/7)
  • Recovered: 54
  • Presumed Recovered: 66

93527 (Inyokern)➡️ #21

  • Total Cases: 18 (0 new since last update on 12/7)
  • Recovered: 2
  • Presumed Recovered: 6

Kern County Public Health COVID-19 cases by zip code can be found on the interactive map here:

For the latest information and updates visit the Kern County Public Health social media pages and website for regular updates:

California State Official Numbers 🟧 #1🟧 #2

San Joaquin Valley Region Metrics -

  • 5.6% ICU availability

For more regional California data on COVID-19 visit:

Kern County Metrics -

  • Risk Level: Widespread
  • 37.0 New COVID-19 Cases per day per 100K
  • 15.3% Positivity Rate (7 day average)
  • 7.1% ICU availability across Kern County

For full COVID-19 county data pertaining to Kern county visit:

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