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RRH Reminds Residents to Check Up on Their Health

RRH Reminds Residents to Check Up on Their Health

Time to tune in and drop by!

RRH reminds residents to check up on their health

RIDGECREST REGIONAL HOSPITAL — As COVID outbreaks remain flat, residents are encouraged to reconnect with their healthcare providers about both new and existing conditions.

“If you have not been in touch with your provider about your health — whether that means checking in on an underlying condition or about your overall wellness — this is the time to do it,” said Michelle Whalley, Rural Health Clinic Administrator at RRH.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 40 percent of adults in the United States avoided or delayed medical care during the two-year public health crisis associated with COVID.

“We want to make sure our residents are taking the time to make sure their needs are not being overlooked,” said Whalley. “Our providers are eager to reconnect, but we have also returned to in-person meetings with many of our outreach services.”

RRH Outreach Director Tera Moorehead can share details about the available services ranging from support groups to exercise classes to nutrition counseling. She can be reached at (760) 499-3825.

“Even if you need to make an appointment for routine care, make sure you reach out now. Many of our providers are booking out into the summer. If you have a more imminent need, let us know about that, too,” said Whalley.

To make an appointment with the Rural Health Clinic call (760) 499-3855.

“If you don't have a provider here who takes care of you, call us and we will find someone who can help you!” said Whalley.