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Frequently Asked Questions

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A hotline has been set up to address employee questions and concerns. Any members of the public with questions can email

Why is RRH suspending its labor and delivery service?

A shortage of providers and inadequate reimbursement schedules have triggered the closure of hundreds of OB clinics nationwide, including 27 wards in California since 2020. By the end of February, RRH will no longer have adequate providers to ensure a safe program for patients in the IWV and beyond.

What do I do if I am pregnant?

RRH OB clinic and hospital care will continue to be offered to established patients until February 28, 2024. If you wish to continue your care with us we will be honored to care for you. If you wish to transfer care to another provider we now have a patient navigator who can assist with finding an OB provider, establishing care, and getting your records transferred.

What if I am pregnant now and have a due date after Feb. 28, 2024, or become pregnant — what do I do for OB care?

If you know you are pregnant now and your due date is after February 28, 2024 or if you are pregnant and have not yet had your first appointment with our OB providers or if you become pregnant in the future our patient navigator can assist you with establishing care with another provider. We will also assist with making sure your medical records are transferred so that your new provider will know your OB history. Please know our goal has not changed. We want you, your baby, and your family to receive high-quality care. Under the current circumstances, we are having to change how we partner with you to ensure that happens.

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What happens to the staff in the RRH labor and delivery program?

RRH is working to retain as many local employees as possible. We are working with employment development and other government agencies to help find positions for anyone in need of assistance.

Is there any chance labor and delivery services will be restored?

Yes, but such a solution requires action from government leaders beyond our local level. RRH has been working with elected officials for 18 months to adjust reimbursements to cover the costs of service (RRH subsidizes the labor and delivery program by about $4 million each year). In addition, we hope that our nation will recognize the critical importance of supporting new mothers and infants and find solutions to develop adequate birthing centers and staff to meet the healthcare needs of these patients.

Does this suspension affect other services related to women and children?

RRH plans to continue operating the women’s health clinic and the pediatrics clinic.

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Why was labor and delivery — an essential service for so many — targeted for closure?

Fewer physicians choosing to practice obstetrics, a declining birthrate, and shifting expectations for call schedules have all contributed to the nationwide shortage of providers. Until RRH can recruit an adequate number of obstetric providers to serve our geographically remote community, we will be unable to maintain the service. The inconvenience of suspension is not ideal, but RRH must first and foremost maintain a level of staff to provide safe care.

Can you clarify what clinics are being suspended, reduced, or closed?

While labor and delivery services will be suspended effective March 1, 2024, there is no plan to close the women's health clinic. Plastic surgery services will be closed by the end of the year. Spinal-nerve services will be closed after a 90-day notification period. Pain management and urology clinics will be reduced in order to maintain sustainable operations. Until RRH resolves its long-term structural deficit between revenues and expenditures, all services will remain under scrutiny.

A hotline has been set up to address employee questions and concerns. Any members of the public with questions can email

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