Virtual Health Fair & Wellness Expo 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing Your Virtual Event
Step-by-step process on gaining access to your virtual event, hosted by Expo Pass.

Magic Link Self Help
The following article explains how to obtain a Magic Link to access your upcoming virtual event.

Resend Expired Magic Link
The following process explains how to resend yourself a new Magic Link should your original link expire.

Navigating Your Expo Pass Virtual Event
After registering, here is a deep dive into how you navigate through your Expo Pass Virtual Event

How To Create a Password
After you've received your Magic Link, this is how to create a password for future logins.

Logging into your Expo Pass Virtual Platform
The following article will walk you through how to log into a previously created Expo Pass Account

Creating an Expo Pass Virtual Platform Account
The following article will walk you through how to create an Expo Pass Account to access a virtual event.