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Ridgecrest Regional Hospital honored by AMA for promoting well-being of health care workers.

Ridgecrest Regional Hospital honored by AMA for promoting well-being of health care workers.

Ridgecrest Regional Awarded
Ridgecrest Regional Hospital (RRH) proudly announces its recognition by the American Medical Association (AMA) as a Joy in Medicine™ recognized organization. This prestigious accolade highlights our relentless dedication to the well-being of our healthcare workers, particularly in combating work-related stress and burnout. At a time when the healthcare industry faces unprecedented challenges, RRH stands out as a leader in fostering a supportive and fulfilling work environment for all clinical care team members.

The Significance of the AMA Joy in Medicine™ Recognition
Earning the Joy in Medicine™ recognition is no small feat. The AMA awards this distinction to organizations that meet rigorous criteria and demonstrate a steadfast commitment to enhancing the well-being of their clinical teams. RRH’s achievement is a testament to our organizational-wide efforts to implement system-level changes that acknowledge and support our providers. It underscores our commitment to making RRH one of the best places for healthcare professionals to advance their careers. Learn more about Joy in Medicine™.

“Our purpose is to care for our community’s health and the well-being of those who care for them” said Jim Suver, CEO of RRH

RRH’s Commitment to Healthcare Excellence and Worker Well-Being
Under the leadership of CEO Jim Suver and Dr. Hani Chaabo, Medical Director of Well-being, RRH has spearheaded initiatives aimed at reducing burnout and fostering professional fulfillment among its staff. Our approach addresses the lingering impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and focuses on creating an efficient, supportive, and team-oriented practice environment. This recognition places RRH among the nation’s leading health organizations dedicated to a culture of wellness, as highlighted by AMA President Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, M.D., M.P.H., and Christine Sinsky, M.D., AMA vice president of professional satisfaction.

"It was an organization-wide effort for us to implement system-level changes that show our providers that we value them, we want them to be satisfied and efficient in their work environments, and we remain committed on making RRH one of the best places for providers to advance in their healthcare careers," said Dr. Hani Chaabo - Medical Director of well-being.

Prospective Healthcare Professionals
As Ridgecrest Regional Hospital continues to lead in creating a nationwide culture committed to the well-being of clinical care teams, we invite dedicated and compassionate healthcare professionals to join our award-winning team. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, or healthcare worker, RRH offers a unique opportunity to thrive in an environment that values your well-being and professional development.

Why Choose Ridgecrest Regional Hospital?

  • Award-Winning Recognition: Join an organization officially recognized for its commitment to joy in medicine and the well-being of its staff.
  • Supportive Leadership: Work under the guidance of visionary leaders like Jim Suver and Dr. Hani Chaabo, who prioritize staff satisfaction and efficiency.
  • Professional Growth: Advance your healthcare career in an environment that supports continuous learning and professional development.

Ridgecrest Regional Hospital is not just a healthcare facility; it’s a community dedicated to caring for the well-being of those who care for others. Our Joy in Medicine™ recognition by the AMA is a beacon of our commitment to excellence in healthcare and employee satisfaction. If you're looking for a place where your work is valued and your well-being is a priority, Ridgecrest Regional Hospital is the perfect place to grow your career.

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Explore current job opportunities and become part of a team that’s reshaping the future of healthcare with compassion and excellence. Visit our careers page to learn more about joining the Ridgecrest Regional Hospital family.