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Kindness is Good for the World

Kindness is Good for the World

February is National Random Acts of Kindness Month and honestly who isn’t ready for some kindness.

Life is hard and everyone is dealing with different struggles and scenarios and especially now, this can seem overwhelming and hopeless. A random act of kindness may be just what we need.

We know that being kind is good and it feels good when someone is kind to us, but the benefits may go well beyond that. Kindness can have an impact on our overall health, especially when we practice kindness toward others.

Kindness comes in many different ways. Kindness could be volunteering your time, giving financially, helping out a neighbor or stranger and especially being kind to those who may have wronged us. Have you ever been snapped at by a family member or friend and you ask them what’s wrong? You find out they are dealing with something that is weighing heavily on them. By showing that kindness of asking a simple question you showed you cared, that you realized they were responding out of something else.

The same could be for strangers or coworkers around us. Sometimes, all we need is a little empathy and realizing we are all in this crazy world together and that a simple gesture of asking if anything is wrong may be what helps them through the day. Or maybe it is simply not responding back angrily and saying a prayer for the stranger. It could be holding the door open for the person who just cut you off. Or simply telling someone they have a lovely smile or that you like their outfit. These days, just simple, kind words can go extremely far in helping to create a shared moment of connection that is lacking for many people.

Kindness can be shown to ourselves as well. If we are having a bad day, we may start to use negative self- talk and focus on all our flaws. We may be beating ourselves up over a mistake or over a missed accomplishment. Show yourself some kindness and use positive self-talk, focus on your strengths and what you have accomplished. Focus on a way to show kindness toward someone and put your energy into something positive.

Here are just a few examples of possible benefits from showing kindness to others:

  • Feeling calmer and less depressed
  • Feeling happier due to the release of serotonin (feel-good chemical)
  • Lower stress levels and thus lower blood pressure
  • Feeling connected and less isolated

This month let’s all try to focus on being kinder to those around us and trying to practice random acts of kindness, intentional ways that we can help make someone’s day a little better, a little brighter. First thing every morning, ask yourself how you might be kinder that day. You could plan out some specific ways and also practice it randomly as the situation arises. Remember that these interactions and connections with others could mean the world of difference for them and ultimately for you in feeling happier, healthier, more content and connected.

By focusing on kindness, we can help create a more grateful and happier life, community and world!

Tera Moorehead is the Director of Community Outreach at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital. With dual master’s degrees in nutrition and education, Tera shares her passion for health and wellness through various programs offered free to the community through RRH. You can contact her at (760)499-3825.