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Diabetes Technology to Help You Manage Type 1 Diabetes

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Diabetes Technology to Help You Manage Type 1 Diabetes

Today is World Diabetes Day and we wanted to highlight some of the technology advancements to help those with diabetes. Elena Ennis, Diabetes Facilitator, shares her experience and involvement in this area of diabetes management. 

" Diabetes related technology has grown by leaps and bounds since the days of Sir Frederick Banting, the Canadian scientist who co-discovered insulin in 1921, and whose birthday on November 14 is the reason that November is celebrated as Diabetes Awareness Month. I’ve been fortunate to be a participant in quite a few clinical trials since my type 1 diabetes diagnosis in 2014.  Current state of the art systems for people with type 1 diabetes are hybrid closed loop insulin pump systems—they use a continuous glucose monitor paired with an insulin pump to increase/decrease basal insulin based on the current blood sugar values, but still require the user to input carbohydrate counts in order to dose the proper amount at mealtimes. I’ve participated in the clinical trials for two of the three systems that are currently available on the US market, the Tandem t:slim X2 with Control IQ ( and the Omnipod 5 ( 

 A cure for diabetes would be ideal, and trials are ongoing with various approaches (see for information). Until that day comes, there are continual improvements in the technology for blood glucose measuring, insulin pumps, and multiple daily injections that can both improve your time in range and help ease the mental burden of diabetes. Websites like and, along with your doctor’s advice, can help you find out more information about new ways for you to manage your diabetes." 

Elena Ennis is a Diabetes Facilitator for RRH and found looking on the bright side of things has helped her navigate through her diagnosis to her daily management. RRH offers a Diabetes Support Group and a 6 week diabetes education class. For more information call 760-499-3825.