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The Importance of Sports Physicals

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The Importance of Sports Physicals

School is back. And so is the fall season for many young athletes. No matter what sport your kids are playing this season, it’s crucial for them to undergo a sports physical. From addressing current physical fitness and detecting underlying conditions, sports physicals can ensure the safety of your kids before they take the field, track, or court.

How Is A Sports Physical Different From a Regular Physical?

A sports physical differs from a regular physical in several ways. While a regular check-up focuses on overall wellness and tracks growth and development, a sports physical specifically evaluates a child's fitness level in relation to the physical demands of the sport they intend to play. For example, if your child plays soccer in the fall, a sports physical can check their endurance levels and look for any underlying lung conditions.

The primary goal of a sports physical is to identify any conditions that might put an athlete at risk during strenuous activities. Conditions like asthma or heart problems may not be immediately evident during a regular physical but can pose significant risks during high-intensity sports.

Benefits of A Sports Physical

Like a regular physical, the physician will review your child’s medical history, paying close attention to past injuries or allergies. The physician can also discuss important health factors while playing their sport. Because of the specific nature of sports physicals, they bring intended benefits to keep your kids safe during the season.

Check Health Progress

During the exam, the physician could focus on health areas such as cardiovascular health, respiratory function, joint flexibility, and strength. The goal is to check your child’s current health status. If the physician notices any weaknesses, they can help address them before the season to avoid future injuries.

Check Underlying Conditions

Not all medical problems are immediately apparent, with some of them being asymptomatic. During a sports physical, the physician can check for underlying conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, muscle problems, mental health, hernias, and more, to ensure there are no areas that could cause further damage with strenuous physical activity during the season.

Discuss Safety Tips

In addition to checking for any health problems, the physician can offer advice on staying healthy during the season. They can discuss proper nutrition and stretching techniques for your kids to practice daily to keep their muscles and bones healthy and strong. They can also offer other tips on preventing injuries and best training practices to stay fit all season.

Schedule an Appointment

Sports are an excellent way for kids to stay active and connect with others. Ensuring they remain healthy and safe during sports is crucial, leaving sports physicals a vital component of this safety. If you haven’t scheduled a sports physical for your child ahead of their season, there’s still time to have them examined. Call Ridgecrest Regional Hospital to schedule an appointment today.