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New Patient Story

  • Author: Heather Thomas
  • Date Submitted: Feb 10, 2023
My son had a dental cleaning appointment today. As I was about to go into the office I received an important emergency call. I answered before I went into the waiting room. A few minutes later, one of the assistants, Karen, rudely interrupted this call to yell out and ask if I was checking in. I nodded yes, then she, in an extremely rude voice screamed at me "Then you need to come check in now!" Now not only was I worried about the call I received, my anxiety went through the roof as I have extremely bad anxiety. I went in and explained to another assistant, Michelle, who told me to Karen didn't know it was an emergency call. Then walks in security and they told me he was called because I "said a cuss word" (while I was still outside the waiting room). Mind you when I was finished with my phone call it was only 7-8 minutes past the scheduled time when my phone call was done, and I would have rescheduled the appointment had it been too late for my son to be seen; and this was for a teeth cleaning appointment with the hygienist, which is a completely different schedule of patients than what the assistants work with. Now my son is having to wait to get his care because they gave me the phone number to file a complaint and told me they wouldn't see my son or reschedule him. Great lack of patient care dental team!