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Health Information Exchange

Ridgecrest Regional Hospital is exploring health information exchange vendors for electronic access and storage of your health information. This will allow us to provide better care for you by having fast access to your complete medical information. This can also reduce your medical costs, since your providers won’t need to repeat medical tests.

Health information exchange implementation is a lengthy process, so patient portal access will be provided first. A patient portal is a secure online website where patients can access personal health information, such as visit summaries and lab results.

What is the Health Information Exchange?

It’s important for anyone who provides you with medical care to have access to your medical history, including a list of your medications and the contact information for your previous care providers. Unfortunately, having your medical records transferred can be time-consuming and complicated. The health information exchange is working to change that.

Health information exchange allows doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare providers to securely share a patient’s vital medical information electronically. With this system in place, you will no longer need to fill out countless forms by hand every time you are referred to a new medical provider during your care. The health information exchange also provides information on your prescriptions and lab test results. As a part of the health information exchange, your medical provider or pharmacist should already have your information before you even show up for your appointment or to pick up your prescribed medication.

Benefits of the health information exchange for patients include:

  • Improved communication between patients and their medical providers
  • Increased patient safety
  • Less time filling out forms
  • More time talking one-on-one with your provider about current issues, instead of reviewing your medical history

What Electronic Record Keeping Means for the Future

Keeping only paper records of a patient’s medical records in an outdated and inefficient process. Electronic records make it easier for all of your care providers to review your information and coordinate care, thereby reducing the risk of medical errors.

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