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We Care Wednesday: Holly Wilbur, RN

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We Care Wednesday: Holly Wilbur, RN

⭐⭐Congratulations to Holly Wilbur, RN for being recognized for #WeCareWednesday! ⭐⭐

Our Maternal Child Department wanted to recognize Holly for all of her hard work. She goes well above and beyond a typical charge nurse. She is what keeps us afloat at night. Her dedication and passion to providing a great experience for each and every patient is inspirational. She is also a great resource person. She is very knowledgeable and a great team leader. The floor could be drowning but Holly always steps up to do whatever she can to help. Matter of fact, most shifts we work together, she ends up taking patients so that her nurses are not overloaded. She is always the first person to ask if anyone needs help and makes sure her staff is okay. She is a strong patient and nurse advocate. She is a role model to most nurses on this unit and a collaborative interdisciplinary team player. Holly is extremely reliable and always has a positive attitude. She definitely deserves to be recognized for her hard work and dedication to making the unit a better place. Her passion for women's health is evident through her patient care and role as a leader on Maternal Child Health. She is a great representation of the core values of Ridgecrest Regional Hospital.