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Parenting Classes

Ridgecrest Regional Hospital offers many different classes to help make your transition to parenthood a successful one.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed before the birth process by not knowing what to expect. For mom and her coach, we offer a Childbirth Class to help ease those questions and concerns that all new mothers experience. When to schedule your class depends on when you are due, so please see our Schedule for the session that best suites you. For those signed up for the Childbirth Class, we also offer an optional Infant CPR class.

Another informative class offered at the hospital is a Breastfeeding Class. Breastfeeding is a natural way to feed your baby, but can be challenging. This class will help to make the experience satisfying for you and your baby.

Finally, Ridgecrest Regional Hospital offers AHA Heartsaver CPR classes to the public. CPR is a combination of rescue breathing and chest compressions delivered to victims thought to be in cardiac arrest. When cardiac arrest occurs, the heart stops pumping blood. CPR can support a small amount of blood flow to the heart and brain to “buy time” until normal heart function is restored.

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