Patient Portal Information

Patient Portal Information

Phased Transition from RelayHealth to FollowMyHealth

With the goal of minimizing system downtime, we will follow a phased approach to transition patient information and health records from RelayHealth to FollowMyHealth. During the 1st phase of transition:

All new health records and information for care received on or after 03/27/2018 will be available through the FollowMyHealth website and mobile app accessible via

All the health records and information for care received prior to 03/27/2018 will be still available through RelayHealth patient portal accessible via
Even though you may continue to access RelayHealth portal during this transition phase, new health information and records will not be available through RelayHealth.

During this first phase of transition, patients may not be able to find their results and medications under the relevant tabs and will be required to click individual data file under the MyHealth -> Documents.

Upon the completion of this phase in June, patients will be able to seamlessly search for results and medications under relevant tabs. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

In September, RRH will officially discontinue the use and access of RelayHealth and remove all the patient health records. Between June and September, we will remind our patients to download any existing health records from RelayHealth as old records will not be transitioned from RelayHealth to FollowMyHealth.

We are committed to providing regular updates and instructions to help make this transition smooth. At launch of each phase, you will receive email notifications and information about upcoming changes and actions required to make the transition.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this process and welcome your questions and concerns. Please call FollowMyHealth team at (888) 670-9775 if you need assistance with the registration process or if you have any questions or concerns.

Please Note: If you add any information to your personal health record, Ridgecrest Regional Hospital cannot access those changes. All questions regarding test results should be directed to the patient’s primary care or ordering physician.