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Living in Ridgecrest

Come enjoy the good life with us

Our town of Ridgecrest is a family-friendly community of 30,000 in the desert of central Southern California, far from the traffic and commotion of LA. Affordable and safe, it’s near the Sierra Mountains and full of natural wonders, outdoor activities, and sunshine. It offers plenty of beautiful scenery, as well as shorter commutes, great schools, and a more easygoing lifestyle! Our hospital is close to Mammoth Ski Area, Mount Whitney, Sequoia National Forest and Death Valley. View outdoor activities. It is the perfect close-knit community if you are an outdoor adventurist looking for slightly slower-paced living while also continuing to grow in your healthcare career.

We're safe and family-friendly.

Our population of 30,000 gives Ridgecrest a pleasant, small-town feel. Low crime rates, plenty of places to play and explore, and an easier pace of life make it an ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of major metropolitan areas … and get back to the simpler things.

We're affordable.

The cost of living here is lower than other parts of California, including for housing and other necessities. And Kern County’s taxes are among the lowest in the state.

We're fun.

We’re close to beautiful nature and outdoor sites, several national parks, museums, sporting facilities and points of interest. And the city of Ridgecrest hosts frequent festivals, fairs, and cultural activities.

Read about the great outdoors around Ridgecrest.

A healthy climate

Ridgecrest, CA may be the healthy lifestyle change you're looking for. Many choose to make it their home.

We're easy to navigate.

No more traffic jams during your commute! You can get to work in minutes.

We value education.

Did you know Ridgecrest has one of the highest numbers of people with PhDs per capita in America? We’re home to a number of quality public and private elementary and high schools, as well as Cero Coso Community College.

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