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:Community Health Needs Assessment

Every 3 years, Ridgecrest Regional Hospital (RRH) conducts a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).

The CHNA satisfies three objectives:
  • RRH understands the health needs of the community
  • RRH complies with the IRS notice regarding Section 9007 of the Affordable Care Act for 501(c)3 hospitals,
  • RRH has additional input to the strategic planning process.

Data is gathered through a public opinion survey. Inputs are gathered via phone and online survey from local community members who represent the broad interests of the community including those who have special knowledge of underserved segments of the community.

The data collected is then compared to Kern County, California state, and National trends and goals for the public health. This analysis identifies issues and gaps that apply to the community served by RRH. A Community Health Needs (CHN) committee comprised of RRH Corporate Board members, local medical providers, and RRH administration then reviews the gaps and issues and established priorities.

Subsequently, the RRH CEO and Executive Board reviews the gaps and issues and determines which are feasible for RRH to pursue.

Download: CHNA Implementation Strategy 2022
Download: Community Health Needs Assessment Report 2022

Download: CHNA Implementation Strategy 2020-2022
Download: Community Health Needs Assessment Report 2019

Download: CHNA Implementation Strategy 2016
Download: Community Health Needs Assessment Report 2016

Ridgecrest Regional Hospital values your input on the Community Health Needs Assessment and the Implementation Strategy. Please provide your comments to