Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Committee is a group of highly motivated people that serve as a resource to represent and support the employees of Ridgecrest Regional Hospital. Our purpose is to facilitate events that will encourage the staff to participate, thus enhance employee satisfaction and engagement. We promote inclusion, participation, awareness, and most importantly, fun. Our goal is to provide a variety of engaging events and activities that will boost engagement, productivity, and quality at RRH.

Who are we? We are employees that truly love our organization and want to involve all employees in our hospital community. We think that involvement is important is feeling connected with duties and peers so we go outside of our normal job duties and help facilitate this. We are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to our work and take responsibilities outside of our job description.

What do we stand for? We stand for making the employees at RRH feel like we are a community instead of just coworkers. We want employees to be happy to come to work each day and participate in whatever comes up that day. We stand for making sure our organization is fully engaged and encourage RRH employees to participate in all events and activities that we offer. We want to create a work environment that shows how much RRH cares about each and every employee by providing outlets of fun and excitement.

What do we do? We put in effort to plan, organize, and host a variety of events each year. One of the staff favorites in The Annual Chili Cook-off in the fall. We also plan and coordinate the Christmas party each year. Other events that we host are Halloween Costume Contest, Dodger game, and various spirit days throughout the year. We love sharing our work spirit with the Ridgecrest Community

How do I get involved? If you would like to become a member of The Employee Engagement Committee you will first need to ask your manager for approval. The monthly hours that will be required for a team member is an average of 5 hours per month, though this can vary depending on the upcoming events. Once you are approved you can contact Hannah Lambert at Hannah.Lambert@rrh.org. Also, if you would like more information on the committee you can reach out to Hannah.

Active Members: Holly Lawrence, Tera Moorehead, Hannah Lambert, Daphne Unhassobiscay, Daisy Gutierrez, Jenifer Pelayo, Chalise Thornton, Adriana Ledford, Wilma Ogas, Lisa Sparland, Katie Mcdonald, Becky Copeland, Amber Valentine, Emily Gockley