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Leslie O'Neill

Chair, RRHF Board of Directors

Image of Leslie O'Neill Leslie O’Neill has lived and worked in our community for over 40 years. She spent her first 18 years here working for the Naval Air Warfare Center – Weapon’s Division as a computer specialist supporting the F/A-18 program for most of that time. As a microbiology major from San Jose State, in 2006 she decided to return to her first love, health care. She has been an RN at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital for nearly 15 years, first as a Critical Care RN before moving into Infection Prevention 5 years ago. Leslie is passionate about our hospital, our community and seeking out opportunities to promote wellness through engagement and teamwork. As a Foundation Board member she is excited to give of her time, talent and resources to see new capabilities, technologies and services brought to our hospital. Leslie and her husband Tom raised two sons who are now off pursuing their own dreams and passions. They now share their home here in Ridgecrest with their German Shepherd Morgen.

Rita Read

Vice-Chair, RRHF Board of Directors

Image of Rita Read Rita is a retired Real Estate Broker, having sold real estate in the Ridgecrest area for over 35 years. She initially owned and operated her own firm and then settled in with Coldwell Banker Best Realty for 31 years, where she remained until her retirement. She grew up in Ridgecrest and graduated from Burroughs High School and Cerro Coso Community College.

Throughout her long career she had many accomplishments which include being President of the local Association of Realtors for two terms, Realtor of the Year in 1989 and 2015, speaker at the IWV Outlook Conference in 1992, earning her CRS Certified Residential Specialist designation and serving as the Chair of the California Association of Realtors Region 27 for two terms.

Rita has always been active in community service. She has been a member of the Altrusa Club of IWV for 30 years having served as a past President and has been the Chair of one of their major fundraisers, The Holiday Home Tour, for the past 20 years. Rita has also served on the Ridgecrest Regional Hospital Board for over 20 years and currently serves on the RRH Executive Board where she served one term as the Executive Chair. Rita was also on the Board of the prior RRHDF before becoming a member of the Board supporting the new RRH Foundation. She is also a member of the RRHF Women in Philanthropy. She has been a member of the Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce and enjoyed participating in their Chamber Follies for 25 years.

Rita has been married to her husband, David, for 39 years. Her hobbies include RV travel, Jeep off-roading, hiking, photography, and scuba diving in Cozumel, Mexico. Rita has a vested interest in our community and local health care system which is why she is dedicated and committed to the goals and missions of the RRH Foundation and their goals in supporting RRH.

Fred Hawkins

Treasurer, RRHF Board of Directors

Image of Fred Hawkins Fred Hawkins has been with Ridgecrest Regional Hospital for the past five years serving as the EMS Administrator. Fred has a long history in Emergency Medical Service that started long before his employment with RRH. His entire career has been dedicated to EMS in some capacity. Fred has served on the RRH Foundation Board for over four years serving as the Treasurer.

When not working Fred enjoys time spent with his family and friends on his family farm in Lemoore.

Board Members

Todd McKinney

RRH Foundation Board Member

Image of Todd McKinney Todd is a General Building Contractor who has a passion for hunting and the great outdoors. He has been in the building trade since 1975 and a contractor in Ridgecrest since 1980. Todd has always been involved in the local community serving non-profits such as RidgeProject, Habitat for Humanity, local churches and hunting organizations and now the RRH Foundation.

He believes is this community and he feels that it is up to each of us to work together to make our world a better place. When not working and donating his time to service projects he loves to barbecue for his friends and family.

Sherry Brubaker

RRH Foundation Board Member

Image of Sherry Brubaker Sherry was born and raised in Ridgecrest, California. She is a Burroughs High School graduate and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from Cal Poly Pomona followed by a Master’s Degree in Environmental Policy from the University of Colorado at Denver. Sherry taught for 30 years in Trona, California finishing her career by teaching third grade in 2016. Sherry continues her passion for our community and her love of nature by working her “dream” job at Maturango Museum as the Curator of Natural History.

When not hampered by Covid restrictions, Sherry loves to travel and has only one continent left to explore along with a bunch of States in the middle of the Country. Sherry has visited all of the provinces and territories of Canada but most recently, she has been happy to enjoy camping, reading and hanging out with her three Dachshunds.

James Long

RRH Foundation Board Member

Image of James Long James has worked in the local financial service community for almost six years, always on the frontline helping and working with the public. He is very much a “people” person. With a job that interacts daily with the public coupled with James’ love for people, he has seen firsthand the struggles of many community members regarding their physical health. He has seen the impact of not having certain health services available locally and knows how expensive it becomes to travel out of town for care.

James first learned of the RRH Foundation two years ago during their Hospice House campaign. Seeing all the great things the Foundation had been able to bring to the community he knew he was ready to help in any way he could. He states “I like 2020 has given us a new lens to see the world through and it has shown us that our health is super important. With the new landscape of the world we live in, it is important that the RRH Foundation also has voices with fresh outlook. Philanthropy doesn’t just mean to donate money, it also means to donate time and skills towards a cause.”

James’ dynamic personality brings to the Foundation new insight and visions for the future and he challenges his friend and piers to reach out to him with questions as to how they can help as well.

Sarah Bingham

Board Member

Image of Sarah Bingham Sarah relocated to Ridgecrest in the Fall of 2018 after earning her Bachelors of Science degree in Biomedicine at Central Washington University in June of 2018. During her time spent as a college student, Sarah worked as an Emergency Room medical scribe, serving in an underprivileged community, and also spent some time working as a Nursing Assistant in the Oncology department at Seattle Children’s Hospital. With a deep rooted passion for medicine and a heart for caring for others, Sarah aspires to attend medical school in her future and practice medicine working as a Neonatologist.

Sarah currently works as a local real estate agent in Ridgecrest where she enjoys developing relationships and trust with clients as she assists them through their real estate endeavors. She also serves as treasurer of her family founded guild – Housing Solutions for Hope – a guild that aims to combat homelessness of patients and patient’s families at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Although not currently working directly hands-on with patients, Sarah loves being able to still contribute her ideas, passion and experience to the medical community and the local Ridgecrest community by serving as a member of the RRH Foundation Board.

Beverly Wagner

Board Member

Image of Beverly Wagner Bev has worked over twenty years in the financial industry with thirteen years dedicated in the Credit Union space. Although Bev’s experience has been mainly in banking, her own personal values are aligned with the Credit Union philosophy of "people helping people".

She settled in Ridgecrest thirteen years ago and marvels and boasts about the friendliness and helpfulness of this community. Bev’s desire is always to grow to be an exceptional leader. She has a strong commitment to her personal growth and adding value to others.

As a senior ambassador of AltaOne she is building key relationships and new associations in the Ridgecrest community and sits of many Boards. Being on the RRH Foundation Board is very rewarding and she enjoys the partnership with the community in facilitating voluntary contributions or other resources to benefit and support the hospital’s mission.

Gayle Pietrangelo

RRH Foundation Board Member

Image of Gayle Pietrangelo Gayle Pietrangelo has served on the RRH Foundation Board for over four years. Recently retired from a long career in Education Administration here in Ridgecrest, she now enjoys spending time with her family and friends and traveling. Gayle has been a tremendous asset to the Foundation Board devoting hours of her time wherever needed to support the missions, causes and campaigns of the Foundation. Her dedication has been immeasurable.

Joanna Stauffer

RRH Foundation Board Member

Image of Joanna Stauffer In 1978 Jo and four daughters arrived in Ridgecrest to join her husband who was employed by Computer Sciences. After getting settled, Jo began her 38 year association with the Hospital (at that time Ridgecrest Community Hospital.) While awaiting transfer of her LPN license to a California LVN she worked as a Nursing Assistant. One day she was assigned to help in the office of the Administrator of Nursing Services, after a few of these assignments she was offered and accepted a position as Administrative Assistant. Jo reported to five Nursing Administrators during her long tenure in Nursing Administration. When invited, she made the move to Executive Assistant to the CEO.

When Jo retired in 2016 she was the Vice-President of the Ridgecrest Development Foundation and a member of Women in Philanthropy. She is active in both groups. Promotion and support of Ridgecrest Regional Hospital and the corresponding effect on our community is of major importance to all of us. According to her, we should all be pleased and proud of the advances in health care which have taken place. And additionally, as a community we need to support, in every way, the ongoing growth of OUR hospital.