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Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a critical branch of adult healthcare, specializing in diagnosing, treating, and preventing a wide array of adult illnesses. Known as internists, these physicians have expertise in handling complex diseases affecting multiple systems in the body, as well as in managing chronic conditions. They play a crucial role in patient health, offering comprehensive care that ranges from solving diagnostic puzzles to coordinating treatment plans across various specialties. Internists are key in guiding patients through their healthcare journey, emphasizing preventive care and overall wellness.


Our Internal Medicine team specializes in evaluating patients with a variety of medical conditions and complex health issues. We excel in diagnosing challenging cases, particularly for symptoms like shortness of breath, kidney problems, and hypertension, where the underlying cause is not immediately clear.


Our collaborative approach ensures seamless integration with specialized care. If needed, patients are referred to surgeons or other specialists within Ridgecrest Regional Hospital’s extensive network. Your internal medicine physician will develop a tailored treatment plan that aligns with and supports the care provided by our specialty care doctors.

Preventative Health

We are also committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and focus on early detection and prevention of diseases. This includes regular health screenings such as mammograms, cholesterol checks, and blood pressure monitoring.

Why Choose Internal Medicine?

Chronic Disease Management: For ongoing management of chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis.

Comprehensive Adult Care: Seeking a primary care physician skilled in treating a wide range of adult health issues.

Preventive Health: Interested in regular health screenings and advice on lifestyle choices for disease prevention.

Diagnostic Challenges: When experiencing symptoms that are complex or difficult to diagnose.

Coordinated Care: Needing a central point of contact to coordinate various specialist treatments and health services.

Medication Management: Assistance with managing and optimizing multiple medications.

Health Risk Assessments: Evaluating potential health risks based on family history and personal health background.

Age-Related Issues: Addressing health concerns that commonly arise with aging.

Complex Medical Conditions: Seeking care for illnesses that affect multiple organs or systems in the body.

Lifestyle Counseling: Guidance on diet, exercise, and healthy habits for overall well-being.

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Location: A - North Plaza / Rural Health Clinic Entrance A1 On Map
Phone: (760) 499-3855
Address: 1111 N. China Lake Blvd. Ridgecrest, CA 93555

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